Saturday, January 20, 2007

over 30

Had I have known that the odds were stacked against me in so many ways I would never have navigated wildly through the gazillions of women's health websites spurting statistics about my inevitiable demise and disintegration during this newly reached decade. I think its safe to say I am better suited to and much calmer when I spend my time staring at dolls with big eyes and oddly shaped heads rather than scanning forums with posts about big lumps and oddly shaped moles.

In much cooler news TOKYOMADE is not far from its long awaited launch - save your pocket money for February kids.


Blogger daniela said...

hello lass,
nice hat, nice pic, not so nice to be thinking of puching up daisies, but reality all the same.

cant wait to see the new business up and going for gold!


21/1/07 7:15 PM  

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