Wednesday, September 13, 2006


daily unsuccessful attempts to work out which side of the foothpath I should actually be walking on have rendered me clueless and nightly unsuccessful attempts to fall into deep slumber anytime before 1am have bollixed me silly hence my current phase of comfortably numb, happily docile and ever so vanilla-like state. i find peace in that this is the calm after the whirlwind tour and am still happy to float around in the mist that is slowly settling.
so I leave you with images from my thoughts, sure they mean more to me than you, but enjoy.


Blogger daniela said...

I always wonder how an ex-pat feels upon their return when they have left their country of ex-patdom for another . ie: feeling longtime love for nippon, or has the movement made you think outside the red dot?

14/9/06 7:59 AM  
Anonymous Lulu said...

Hi Sushi & Zume
Thanks for reading my blog Zume. It was lovely to read your comment. And yours too of course Sushi!

How did you come up with the names Sushi & Zume?

I opened your site today and I have no opens straight away AND i can leave comments! Yay.

Love the other photos by the way. Have a good weekend guys :-)

15/9/06 1:10 AM  
Blogger sushi zume said...

d - things are definitely blurred still. Leaving Tokyo to visit many other cities made me (us) realise there is no place like it, with that feeling comes good and not so good thoughts and shifts. Finding it at little tricky to assimilate the goings on here - and was only away for a month ?? European way really soaked in, and 'made sense'- that has left things a little jumbled I guess.

18/9/06 11:07 AM  
Blogger sushi zume said...

Hey Cherry Blossom Girl (as we sometimes refer to you) the name SushiZume started as the name for the blog - Japanese for a state of jam the rice of sushi, like the people in the streets, the products in stores, buildings in the city, the clothes in our tiny cupboards, people on the train, images forced upon us... sushizume described all those things - then as we started to write more about personal things sushizume split and also became our pseudonyms.

18/9/06 11:15 AM  

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