Saturday, July 01, 2006

work rest and PLAY

After an embarassing incident last week involving a sony cybershot, Patti LaBelle's Stir it Up on full volume and a pair of cheap gold earrings I have been laying low, keeping out of the public eye...
No seriously it's been work, work, work, eat, party, work, danceathon, sleep or die, work, eat yummy snacks without consciously realising exactly how many, work, create, hug, work, sip sake, work...
So let me catch you up on the life and times of the sushi and the zume in downtown TOKOYOKO

We unexpectedly became proud parents of a pair of japanese rhinoceros beetles...alas before we could even name them their souls passed on to greener pastures, their bodies remain forever suspended in an alcoholic substance and on display in my classroom - may they rest in peace and not come back to haunt each and every one of the students that vigorously shake the life (death?) out of the display jar everytime they land eyes on it.

I had the pleasure of some alone time with my boyfriend recently...yeah we shared an alphonso mango mix 100%.

I have been sharing the love with me ladies and loving it!

The Zumster wore a suit! That is pretty big news! I am still not sure why, although the reason was work related not death related. I was only too happy to play wifey for a day and tend to my cute lil salary man - although that got pretty boring quick smartly.

Stumbled upon the infamous and incredibly vocal manga reader. Rumour has it this guy earns about 40 000 yen a month reading a selection of manga to passers by. His readings are so frenzied and bedevilled that he offers a sense of calm to his audience by passing around light refreshmnets after each reading. Masterful and bountiful.


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