Wednesday, July 12, 2006

midnight clean

it is a bit past one in the morning, on a school night mind you, and we are still well awake after hours of frantic spring - no summer cleaning. how it began i can't quite remember but i think the news from a friend in a high place that tokyo is believed to be hit by a rather large earthquake in the wee hours shook us into action.
there are dozens of things one can do to 'prepare' for an earthquake, but the truth is one never really knows. never really knows how strong the walls are, how many things will fall down and what exactly is going to quake. so perhaps we haven't really been cleaning for the earthquake as such, possibly we just both felt simultaneously compelled to get rid of a bit of oni before...well before tomorrow. because there is nothing to really say that there will be an earthquake. most people that i talk to believe that there is no way to predict earthquakes. and this higher source that the prediction is coming from, well it wasn't god but an insider in the shibuya city council and in tokyo that may as well be god. i decided long ago there wasn't a one almighty, all forgiving god, but if in fact there is and i am completely off base- i was only joking the other day when i powerfully thought as i was walking through shinjuku station in the searing heat with thousands of others "God i wish all these people would just fuck off"...i meant fuck off home, fuck off away from me in my slightly bad mood, not fuck off into a bottomless crack in the earth or fuck off squished under a skyscraper.

anyway our house is much cleaner after tonight's shananigans, some how we managed to throw out about seven large garbage bags of stuff.
and if the earth does happen to quake and shake in a hideous kind of way and you don't hear from me for a while...just know that i am safe and happy and remember i love you the most forever and ever! (i have got to get some sleep!)

in other news we got a new camera and new luggage for our eurotrash tour - if we keep buying new things before we get to euroland we won't be buying anything when we get there...
4 days til school camp, 19 days til we head off on our adventure and what feels like months worth of work and planning needed to be done...exciting (i have got to get some sleep!)

good night sleep tight don't let the earth open up and bite

love from d and m


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