Sunday, July 16, 2006

icey adventure

We descended on the ice bar tokyo like a bus of japanese tourists.
It's late so here is a photo story of tonight's awsomely icey adventure...think fun, freezing, expensive and unique.


Anonymous abraxis said...

Must be nice to visit ice bar in the middle of summer! I hear Tokyo gets worse in August though...

Where is the ice bar located?

22/7/06 3:38 AM  
Blogger sushi zume said...

the ice bar is in nishiazabu, minato...near roppongi?? most people know it as the cool brick building with the external stairs.

the night we went the heat was extreme as was the humidity. so it was a very bizarre feeling for our bodies to have to adapt to the changes so quickly.

Its oddly cool and rainy right now but sure to heat up soon...lucky for us we are off to Euro for the summer!

22/7/06 1:25 PM  

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