Thursday, July 27, 2006

1000 travel tips

Found on - Love it!

Try to Blend In
When traveling internationally, remember that not everyone likes Americans. Learn something about the culture you'll be enjoying and try to blend in. Dress in neutral tones and try not to talk or laugh loudly - it draws unnecessary attention to yourself. Obvious tourists are obvious targets.
16-Jun-2001 Robin Clayton ID265

and this one kinda makes me feel all sick and weird inside!

Find Your Way in a new City!
When travelling in a new city (especially in Europe) if you are looking for the main stream area to go to a restaurant, bar, or shopping and you don't know the language, ask someone where the Gap store is. This really works! I was in this town called Lille, right outside of Calais in France and we could not find any place to have a drink and hang out when we arrived in the evening. I just asked a young person where the Gap was and we were pointed in the right direction!
16-Dec-2001 Cecily ID405


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