Tuesday, June 06, 2006

safety precautions

Naturally we have been researching our destinations to get the best tips. We have stumbled upon many tourist do's and dont's. I have been relaying any big finds or interesting new tips to Zume. But I also encourage him to do his own tourist tip finding.
It seems most of the Japanese tourist tips are very similar and some quite helpful. Although others just seemed down right unusual. One in particular sticks in my mind no matter how hard I try and erase the thoughts. While I am not exactly sure of the source, I do know it was a Japanese website offering safety tips to Japanese tourists considering travel in street crime prone areas.
When I asked Zume if he had found anything interesting he said "Yeah this website says to look less like a tourist and more like a local I should get more browny and grow a - I don't know what you call it". As I looked up at him, he was stroking his face with his hand. "A beard?" I quizzed and sniggered. "Yeah get browny and grow a beard." To Zume browny means getting a tan and growing a beard; well I'm guessing that would take many moons. Inspite of the stupidity of this tourist tip, I cannot help but wonder what sort of facial hair they are suggesting and how this might deter would be robbers.
And...if this travel guide is suggesting that in order to look less vulnerable one must look less 'Japanese', what are they suggesting one should look more like?

Perhaps a middle eastern appearance would make for a carefree adventure...

maybe we should consider a more sinister appearance, the look of someone highly skilled in kungfooery...

oui oui joost like one of zee locaals...

or the porn star look is always a winner, sure to ward off any thoughts of petty theft...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEllo!! I'm Mario
Barri Gotic is a really beautiful place and the Ramblas is the heart of barcelona..there are a lot of bars, and restaurants and discos, but economical precaution: for eat or drink go to another zones because ramblas and the pleaces near to are very expensives... (you should thing that in spanin all is more cheap.. if you found a coffe for 3€ in teh ramblas in Gracia the same coffe cost 1€ or less!..
Do you understand me?.. I know I'm not good in english....


9/6/06 5:38 AM  
Blogger sushi zume said...

your english is awesome!
and your travel tips are even better!
thanks so much...i will be searching for that 1 euro coffee (can't remember the last time i had such a cheap coffee - coffee here is about 2 euro to 5 euro depending on where you go)

9/6/06 8:16 PM  
Blogger Musing said...

I needed a good chortle today--thanks!

10/6/06 1:45 AM  
Blogger sushi zume said...

;) chortle away
i felt a little bad uploading the pics before telling masao and then laughing hysterically when i scrolled down and saw them
when he saw them, all he said was 'heeeeyy heey heeeey come on now what are.... hhhhmmmm I like that look'(pointing to the porn star look)

10/6/06 8:35 AM  

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