Sunday, April 02, 2006

turn up the heat

The blossoms over the water in Inokashira park, Kichijoji scream 'spring' although the temperatures have not let us get even close to thinking about tshirts and shorts.

The waterways of Nakameguro put on a spectacular display as the blossoms stood up to the freezing cold winds.

A Japanese friend told me that Sakura come out only after three consecutive days of 15 plus temps...I guess I just can't remember those three days.
The flowers are devine and it is easy to see why they are so loved and precious. So fragile; they are already starting to loose their petals and after tonight's forecasted rain, no dount the beautiful blossoms will shed their petals and the trees will once again show off their green foliage.

Even if the weather isn't ideal, there is no denying that spring is here. Who says the weather has to be warm to enjoy crisp, tangy cocktails, luscious sweet fruits and light tasty morsels??

The Sakura represent many things, most of which I will never truly understand. To me they represent a sense of light and hope that the cold burden of winter will soon be just a memory, summer sweatiness is on it's way!


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