Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ninja restaurant tokyo

Yes, we did spend part of our Valentine's evening in a game centre in Shibuya, pouring our 100yen coins into the purikura machines

But we kicked off the evening in the company of Ninja.
At the Ninja restaurant in Akasaka Mitsuke.
This was a surprise I had been planning for a long time.
So I was super excited when we reached the Ninja lair.

Deciphering the menu scroll presented to us by a 'real' ninja, we decided upon two different courses.
Could not resist the urge to take photos of all the mouth watering morsels served to us by the ninja. At one point 'our' ninja set one of my dishes on fire and presented zume with a smoking box, containing an egg. Gently cracking the egg onto a bed of multicoloured seaweed, a scrumptious looking mixed salad appeared.
Ninja really are MAGIC!


Anonymous Johan said...

Wow. I've been dying to go there for a while now!

How was it? Food-wise, price-wise, etc. ?

15/2/06 5:47 PM  
Blogger sushi zume said...

It's a pretty cool treat - many of my friends had been and raved about it
Food was exciting, rich and 'pretty' - lots of different taste sensations, presented so nicely
Price - we each got a course and had a cocktail = ¥22 000

15/2/06 8:21 PM  

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