Sunday, February 12, 2006

ladies lunch

avoiding the omotesando hills opening crowd, we headed for the highly rated eats and meets cay in the basement of the spiral building.

while the service did not live up to its reputation - the 'view' and surroundings well made up for that
(we liked our waiter alot - infact all the boys working here were very 'friendly' we were particularly amuzed by their funky styles. one of our new friends had a blonde mowhawk and gold boots, while another simply had no shoes at all)

eats and meets had us wanting more, so it was off to fujimamas for cake and cocktails

it must have been all the cake because somehow we ended up in a neptunian karaoke box

where true colours always come out

this explains my sore back

all this well before last train
tis good to start early
thanks ladies


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