Sunday, February 05, 2006

Get some fuku in your uchi! demons out, happiness in!

Every thing was prepared for our Setsubun celebration...

full bottles of polish vodka and french liqueur to warm the cockles...

and all the ingredients to make an edamame pesto.

Oni seemed to enjoy the first few bites of his special beany dinner...

but it must have been all that bean throwing and bringing in of good luck that sent the oni away and brought back zume who looked at me sadly and muttered 'do mind if i have some rice?'

not sure if it was the bean throwing ceremony (oni wa soto, fuku was uchi - demons out, happiness/luck in) , the bouquet complete with dead fish head (lots of old japanese ladies were buying them at the supermarket so i figured it was the done thing - i didn't want to be the only house in the neighbourhood without a fish head and golden testicles on their door) or the 96% polish vodka that left us in high spirits.

Happy Setsubun
May you all have lots of fuku in your uchi!!


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