Sunday, January 29, 2006

catalogue shopping in tokyo part 2 - license to drill

(please note the gunshot like wound to the forehead, a result of catalogue shopping)

giddy with excitment as the boxes started to arrive one after the other, i visualised our new living and working space; how organised and modern it would be in a matter of moments. i had constructed furniture before, and was ready for the task at hand; transforming the dirty brown boxes that stood before us into delightful space saving furniture.
some say that the test of true coupledom is furniture assembly. i lept in confidently believing that this adventure would be like so many in the past - smooth sailing! ripping open the boxes and scattering cardbord, plastic and paper debris everywhere, i watched as zume hurried about cleaning and sorting the waste. no time for that kind of shenanigans i had decided, i needed to get straight to the good stuff. swiping the instructions out of the way i began to build the puzzle. zume was still carefully and silently tidying and perusing the guide. after i had joined three large pieces zume interupted me and said the instructions called for glue. i had already decided in my mind not to use the glue, seemed unnecessary just in case we needed to disassemble the pieces one day. zume calmly insisted we go by the rules. at this point i was feeling very proud of our furniture assembly efforts as a couple, obviously differing in method but complementing each other nicely. as i heaved and hoed away to dislodge a piece, zume came over to help. leaning over to inspect, the piece i was pulling on flew out at the exact same time crunching him hard in the face. zume plunged his face into his hands and crawled away. 'oh shit', i thought, 'i have poked his friggin eye out, now i really have to marry him' (my nanna always said if you poke someone's eye out you have to marry them - because no one else will) i could see the blood now and feared the worst. 'show me, show me', i screamed with overpowering terror. zume needed some time and lumbered up the stairs. in shame, i continued the assembly by myself. not long after i heard him hobbling down the stairs again, i feared the worst and braced myself for the onslaught, which i fully deserved. i waited, but not a peep, not a shout, not one profanity. as i turned around to inspect his newly deformed face, there he stood with barely a mark and a smile on his face. hugging him, but being sure not to cop any blood, i knew we would could get 10 out of 10 for this test of togetherness - zume is patience personified (and i am the luckiest girl in the world).
as a result though, he came home the next night with a new toy. they say that dog is man's best friend, but in our cosy tokyo pod it's a black and decker drill with cute accessories and nifty little carry case.


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