Saturday, November 26, 2005



i spotted postsecret an age ago on floating world views and was instantly hooked...
people have some really amazing stuff going on in their lives! some quite horrific, some laughable and some down right surprising.  For a gen X Yer who thinks nothing can surprise her...for some reason postsecret keeps me guessing and wondering.
So I decided to do my own postsecret shocking or hideous secrets here! I am addicted to other peoples secrets.
I have always been open to and aware of my voyeuristic tendencies - i once bruised my eye ball as i launched at the peep hole in my door, trying to get a better view of the neighbours.

The only real secret I have is that I'm a little jacked off at myself for not having come up with this ingenious postsecret project first - what a fascinating way to learn more about the other crazies in this world, a way for people to get things off their chest by sending them out into the essentially anonymous cyber stratosphere and a way for me to avoid eyeball bruising but still get to peep into other peoples lives.


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