Tuesday, November 22, 2005

go go tokyo

it is a well established fact that ones second language skills are enhanced when under the influence of certain intoxicants. we hit the streets of tokyo last night just to test the theory once more.
yep its on the money our japanese was on fire - theory proven. here is the photo proof. 1. kickin it wit the homes 2. warming up in a cosy little karaoke box 3. g: 'heeeeyyy where did my drink go?' me: 'aaahhh i dunno maybe that japanese guy took it' 4. photo op with our friendly karaoke host with whom i somehow (due to above mentioned theory) successfully ordered copious rounds of drinks for the 7 of us, negotiated extra time when there seemed to be too many good tunes and not enough time to sing them...although we are still waiting for the pizza we ordered  5. note the tambourine...lets just say it stuck by us through thick and thin and is now on its way with its blue twin to a land down under  6. madonna madness  7. the people you meet  8. in sync - the groovy chicks doing what they do best - grooving  9.  smells like  beer & spirits  10. me and bunny chan - her beer soaked bunny ears were a hit on the streets gaining all kinds of attention and offers




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