Monday, October 31, 2005


Img_0470since december last year, when we basically spent the whole winter locked away in what i like to think of as a cosy log cabin in the woods but was in actual fact a studio apartment the size of a caravan on the outskirts of tokyo, we have been meaning to get together, collaborate, mix it up multicultural style. for any of you who have read the about page of this site/blog/page you may have noticed that we originally intended to  go halves on the writing side of things. so far i have been 100% writer and the boy has been more of a silent partner in this whole venture, a fact finder and information giver/interpreter.  but i am pushing more, ensuring we are going on plenty of dates to trendy tokyo hot spots to fuel him with enough inspiration to spring into literary action sometime soon. so keep yours eyes peeled for some entertaining english to come...
oh and happy halloween - alas i fail to provide any post worthy pictures of me in the insanely oversized, neck to toe, fluffy bear costume i sported all day. i danced, sang, read, drew, skipped, smiled, guided, played the day away with a superficial aura of friendly beary fluffy love, while underneath it all i was literally sweating like a pig. feeling my legs go to jelly on a number of occassions due to my out of control body temperature, i gave thanks to the saint of halloween for providing the candy sugar rush that kept me on my paws just long enough to wave the last buzz light year and disney princess off at 2 oclock this afternoon.


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