Sunday, October 09, 2005

tokyo stitch and bitch

who knew knitting could be so cool? and so addictive...i have tried to resist the urge, and while i really cant see myself getting any further than a scarf, i have been sitting on the couch knitting just a little.

Dsc09978on tuesday night we ventured out to hang with the tokyo stitichers and bitchers at the pink cow in omotesando. i had first heard about the group after reading pinku's (organiser of the tokyo group) posts. the thought of going along and getting crafty had kind of slipped away. although seems it is such a small world, it was not long after that as anna and i sat sipping on our afternoon cuppas, she began to tell me about this cool knitters group and a very awesome chick, knitter extraordinaire that she had met (pinku).
anna is a pretty whiz bang knitter herself, her completed projects range from the very cute to the very vintage, so it was a bit intimidating to consider myself surrounded by such pros. to soften the blow i decided to take zume along with me. anna offered to be his knitting sensei and a very fine job she did. surpisingly he was not the only guy there. the other male knitters showed off their speed and precision, while zume was content to dabble in a bit of soft core knitting, but i think far more interested in what was on the pink cow's menu. unfortunately he was not overly inspired by all of the super talented knitters, although he found it very intriguing and i'm sure was wondering how the crafty group found time to play their PSPs and muck around with their macs if they were creating such complex treasures.


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