Tuesday, October 04, 2005

tokyo hair




in an attempt to make up for the previous egomaniacal post and get back to the real issue at hand - TOKYO...i wanted to share with you the small range of, yet typically cool, tokyo hair dos i found in my recent search...

if you are checking out some new looks for your tuft, you should definitely sneek a peek at uk hairdressers, while the focus is on salons in the uk, they also feature a few funky styles crafted by Xchange Japan.
and the farouk salon USA take hair to a new level


and while i did stumble across some pretty trippy stuff when i goggled tokyo hair styles (e.g. japanese women styling their pubic hair to resemble the hair on beckhams head, which i personally dont think is a fanatical thing i think the resemblance is pure coincidence. ive been to onsens, thus have conducted adequate research on the shape of japanese womens pubic hair and i noted a number of grandmas, mums and unsporty types flashing a stylish albeit much darker beckham)

i think the best bet for the latest and greatest street styles, hair or other, is style-arena tokyo street style

as for tokyo hair salon's...
you could try hairfinder.com

and if you are ever in doubt that you are in good hands...frame mag assures you tokyo is the place to be as far as your hair is concerned

metropolis lists some of the problems
as for me...i'm going straight to the ones i know and love - toni & guy


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