Saturday, October 15, 2005

novice knitter...indeed

Dsc06825recognition and public esteem come in many forms, but i am oh so proud to announce that zume has made his mark, exhausted 3.5 seconds of fame as a 'novice knitter'. obviously looking like a fish out of water at last week's tokyo stitch and bitch meeting, zume spoke candidly (as he is often known to do) to a curious reporter from the asahi shimbun...and whadda you know he made it to print...
"I'm getting the hang of it," says Masao Tamaoki, a novice who admits
he has yet to be struck with the knitting passion. "I think it's good
for the brain. That's why I'm doing it right now."
i'm as proud as punch (never really known what that idiom means but it sums up exactly how im feeling)
read the full story on
thanks to anna for the tip off


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