Saturday, October 22, 2005

mt fuji animation


some friends and i got together today for a short course on clay animation. i have played around with imovie, sprouted fancy ideas and made a few video collections but i had never known the technique behind the pingu style flicks.
after a quick brainstorming sesh, we decided to go with the erupting volcano theme. scanning the classroom we were in, we caught site of a spring water bottle brandishing the almighty fujisan as its logo. we were thinking something educational with a twist. a simple 123 or abc concept, infused with a splash of mechanically operated and heavenly sent natural disaster.
the end result... "Now is the time to learn count to 4!"
You can click here or on the above photo to check out our first and slightly rushed attempt at clay animation on vimeo.
for those of you who cant view it...
its basically a paper and clay model of fuji with cherry red lava already spilling over the sides, a fine looking hand comes down from the heavens, finger outstretched to press an oversized button perched on the side of the volcano, causing a construction paper and clay explosion resembling a volcanic eruption. numbers in sequence start to fly out, spinning this way and that... (we originally wanted to count to 20...but ended up getting to 4) and landing next to fujisan which continues to erupt with ferocity until that same hand reaches down squashing fuji with almighty force and then rips it fair off the earth. (a bit of dramatic and horrific counting practice for early childhood learners - that oughta get em lovin math!!!)
oh and 'the watch' well thats another story...


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