Monday, October 17, 2005

integration matsuri - claska


clicking around the yogajaya
site, as i often do in the hope that i will latch onto enough
inspiration and good intention to propel me from my daydreamy state in
front of this bloody computer fair onto the floor of their studio in
omotesando with the yoga mat i bought for the purpose 3 MONTHS AGO, i
found that an ultra cool event had been organised. an event i wasn't
going to miss for the world.

integration matsuri was a line up of all the things my daydreamings
consist of...capoeira, yoga, smooth tunes and lush vodka and tonics,
all in a very sleek space - claska meguro.

most excitingly the craziest awe-inspiring man i have ever had the
pleasure of casting my dreamy eyes over (as i laze around staring at
the photos of him in his books in seriously impossible yoga
poses)...david swenson - ashtanga yogi extradonaire.

the night, for us, kicked off (literally) with a high energy, steam
building capoeira performance by an very fine looking yokohaman group


and ended as i turned around to watch zume drop, with fainting
motion from the perch he had been sat up on, all pale faced and ready
to vomit over the silent and yogafied crowd.  seems that the warm,
concentrated energy of the room created during the yoga performance
coupled with the fact that the room was asked to be silent to aid the
focus, was all too much for the boy who had been clock watching, deep
yawning, mint chewing and fidgiting for 20 mintues in an attempt to
prolong the inevitable...a near social disaster and a rapid escape from
the over heated and far too centered room.

an extremely awesome event!


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