Monday, October 31, 2005


there was some crazy heat happening on the street as i rushed to the station saturday night (was on my way to meet zume at a spunky daikanyama cafe - a date at the place we first met aahhh how romantic) trying ever so hard not to be late, as i usually am for most social events, i was struck by the bright flashing lights and the men in uniform swarming the street. i couldn't help but take a few snapshots. the crowd was so intense and ever increasing and the fleet of red fire trucks made our eventless street seem like a hollywood movie set.
seems someone or something was trapped on the 5th story of a tired looking apartment block. i really couldn't stick around to witness the full outcome of the rescue. but alls i can say is that 'when the subway explodes into a million pieces and i just happen to be riding it - there had better be just as many frantic fire officers and their shiny red trucks at my rescue!'


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