Sunday, October 09, 2005

hair update

our appointment was made for 12 at the harajuku toni & guy salon. i think we were both a little apprehensive as we rushed to make it on time. but once inside all my worries seemed to float away. i adore the salon experience, the washing basins, the smell of hair products, the sound of the driers and those funky stylist hip bags that hold all the tools of their trade, its the whole package.
my stylist, sunao, put me at ease straight away confidently displaying what he would like to do and saying 'yeah let's go for it' (a straight perm).
anna and i sat side by side and chatted as the team went to work on our locks. she was done before me and swished from the salon looking so captivating and cosmopolitan, in true anna style. i took my camera along to snap off some shots of her new do, but i was wrapped up in the goings on and didnt have a chance to take any pics, so i hope she posts some on her site, she looks fabulous.
my transformation was a lengthy one, but a relaxing and new experience. wash - massage - cut - dry - treatment - rinse - dry - iron - treatment - rinse - cut - dry - style and...tadaa
the final product


GOD SORRY BOUT THE BIG GAUDY PIC - not sure how to resize it
i have never had smooth straight hair before, its a strange but good feeling. and i dont think it is possible to look more like my sister, unintentionally i am her doppelganger.
here she is showing off one of her fine hair moments



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