Sunday, September 04, 2005

soy sauce super hero

Kikko_smokingi know i know there are lots of weird and unexplainable 'things' that originate on this funny little island we often refer to as japan...but this kikkoman fight animation is up there with the best of them, in my humble opinion.
some guy called yogatori got together with some musical friends, that have numerical names and created this golden piece of animation.
click on the kikkoman soy sauce head smoking to see the english version
click on the kikkoman soy sauce in a fish bottle head in bed with his gal to see the full on japanese version (p.s. the subtitle at the bottom of the saucey in bed pic says something like - do not try this at home ??)


oh and if you really get into this kikkoman stuff just as i have then you might want to check out the 'official site' its pretty awesome (click on the kikkoman on the power pole pic to visit the official site - its all in japanese but pretty easy to figure out)



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