Tuesday, September 13, 2005

back in business


i know the first step to recovery is when you can admit you hardcore addiction, i am fully aware, i totally give in to it and i share it with all...but i will not, cannot find patience with any one who stands in the way of me and my connection to the internet. alas this week someone somewhere tread dangerously close to coping the wrath when they decided they were going to switch internet providers without telling us and then leave us high and dry, internetless for not one but 5 days. the pain, the fury. as the withdrawals became worse i turned to movies...i sucked in quite a few - Ray being one of the better ones - but i tell you what, if you have seen the rehab scene in ray you are well on your way to understanding how i was doing without access to the internet by about sunday night.
as i lay broken and bleeding, believing nothing else could go wrong - my power drive spoke unto me and saideth...'you shall calleth me the powerless one, for i hath lost my power' and hence no burning, no surfing, no email checking, no nothing was doing
in the midst of an anxious convultion zume emailed my phone and brought on a whole new level of confusion (something im generally used to), and yet as he always does brought things down a notch and calmed my nerves

boy : have you renewed your visa
me: NO i dont have to renew my visa why?
boy: just wondering, i thought you forgot
(sometimes his wondering is truely fascinating, in that i havent got the slightest idea how his thoughts connect to result in such delightful outcomes)

desparately needing to steer back to the real issues at hand i replied with
me: there is something very wrong with my computer it wont burn discs and is extremely slow and doing weird things should i take it to the apple store?
boy:yeah you should! thats the thing i worry about the most. and you have to buck up! have a cool day i love you the most
(the love bit is the usual ending to each mail...but hang on wait a minute - buck up??? who the hell are you telling to buck up - i haven't heard that since it was screeched from my mothers mouth way back when i was in high school! considering my current technologically related stress levels, i had my dukes up and i was ready to start swinging...buck up, who are you telling to buck up bucko???)
me: what do you mean i should buck-up????????????
boy: i mean ull lose data on the pc if you have to reinstall right? im not sure......
(ooooohhhhhhhhhhh...back up)
me: yep i'm trying to 'back up' right now....


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