Thursday, August 25, 2005

a stitch in time


with typhoon number, oh i don't know...three hundred and forty seven, sweeping through tokyo this weekend - i decided to batten down the hatches and feather my nest. these domesticated housey phases dont come round too often - think the last time i felt like this was in Feburary of 96, so i really took advantage of the home-loving rush and boy did i domicilate (pretty sure thats a word - atleast it fits with the image im trying to convey) i blew dust off the tops of things, i swished dirt away with my hand, i even scrubbed without rubber gloves got those suds right up under my nails...
and then things got a little crafty - as if the home making wasnt enough, i then scoured my freshly organised cupboards for something to transform. nah nothing much around so i braved the whistling wind for a few moments and landed in the 100 yen store and then my local olympic - and tadaa (my new favourite word) i transformed a plain pair of japanese school shoes into a less nasty model. although the gasp and look of terror recieved from zume when he caught sight of them, im not so sure they ARe less nasty - but relief and hugs when i mentioned that i made them for school and i am sure the kids would love them (zume is much too nice to always say what he means but his look said 'yest kuristo deanne you are not thinking of wearing them in public are you?')Img_0423


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