Sunday, August 28, 2005

japanese cupid


some of you may have noticed the recent 'sushi zume' make over and the addition of the google search and ads. go ahead have a click...but if you only have time for one click right now - can i strongly suggest you check out the japanese singles ad - - for a number of reasons a) you may really be searching for a 'japanese single' ?? b) you may just be curious like i was or c) you may be interested in checking out the competition and some of the do's and dont's when applying to an online dating service (this one is free i might add) can i just don't - DON'T select the female gallery option when you are quite obviously NOT of that gender! (check out the above photo taken from the female gallery - how does one recover from a disaster such as that?) i guess it's one way to ensure you are surrounded by pretty ladies ??


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