Monday, August 08, 2005

happy hanabi

sumida hanabi

paint nails
muck around
pack a bag
muck around some more
finally have shower
put on yukata at last minute
realise dont know how to put on yukata
cant breathe
run out door already late
forget music
run back to apartment
cant get in locked out
grab ipod
run back down street
hurrying for station
old man with photo print tshirt stops us
told yukata is very wrong
say we are late and have to go
old man insists we must change
takes us to side alley beauty parlour
old man and hairdresser which he calls sensei talk at length
she rips of our yukatas and starts again
very late
still hot and sweaty
can breathe better
pay some money and give some lollies
rush for train
recount bizarre experience
finally meet friends
friend has yukata on wrong way
stopped many times
find toilet to change
wander the streets
sweating some more
no convenience store
chu hi for 500 yen - ridiculous
shewwed away by homeless  man
kick up some dirt
look for another spot
set up on side of path
think we are safe
eat peas drink beer
shewwed away by park ranger
yukata sticking to ankles
beautiful obis
dirty feet
pretty flowers
music not loud enough
find baseball stadium
no space
consider making friends
find a spot under a tree
find the busiest convenience store ever
buy as much chu hi as we can carry
paint nails
add sakura and glitter
talk to passers by
been there since 4am
eat onigiri
still 4 hours to go
time passes quickly with chu hi
baseball ground packed
people flowing in
get caught up in crowd
steal a space
boss sends worker over
they have been there for a week
thank god they like foreigners
big bang
sprayed with debris
more chu hi
group photos
really busting
trying to think of other things
head for the porter loos
ahh the relief
forget to lock door
mum says she saw my butt twice
so relieved dont care
bolt back to friends
pack up move towards station
1 million others do the same
too many photos
loose mum
wonder when i will everr see her again
hysterical woman launches from crowd
find mum crying
laughing too much
sick boy
good friends
vomitting boy
give some tish
get a tick
cram onto train
got a seat
eat musk sticks
make it home
blackened and exhausted


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