Tuesday, July 19, 2005

sparkles and smoke

Dsc08868camped by the yamanote train line last night we abondoned our bicycles for the bright lights of hanabi. in australia fireworks are not sold at the local store they are much harder  to come by so this was a first for me...i was a little apprehensive about my first pyrotechnical experience having had it drummed into my head that they are dangerous and yes i still agree setting things on fire is just not a safe practice but this was a fairly tame bout of pyromania. i expected lightning, fire, big bangs, hissing, screaming, explosions, trees burning to the ground - the works. alas our lil pack o fireworks were no more than mac daddy sparklers - but still very very fun
and we took a load of pics check out our first hanabi photo album - more to come as this season starts to get hotter and brighter
we are planning the big one - the sumida river fireworks fest - no im not gonna get there at 9am to get a spot but we do plan to get there early to catch the river side worm - all are welcome email me if you wanna come and share some of our big huge blue thingie that everyone sits on (tarp, mat, leisure seat??) OR if you have been to the sumida hanabi before and have any tips!!


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