Sunday, July 10, 2005

on top of mt fuji all covered in ???


so the big man is officially open for climbing and mama is coming to town so it just seems right that we get ourselves sorted and we skip to the top!
but i kinda have this sick feeling in my gut - cant work out if it is the giddy feeling of excitment due to the fact that i will be making my ascent to the top of the almighty devine structure that i have admired since childhood or if it is the muddled guts feeling of fear and terror...either way a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
not wanting to go unprepared i have naturally been sniffing around for other peoples stories... some tell a glorious story of achievement and others tell a sickly story of hell like pain
a recent story in the tokyo notice board written by john gunning describes the feeling of altitude sickness as
"downing 10 different cocktails in an hour before eating six portions of garlic cheese chips then dancing to  speed trance in a nightclub with no air conditioning and about 300 people above the legal limit packed in" you know ive probably done that many times before all in the name of fun...i'm just not sure i want that feeling on top of a huge volcano
and then there are others who paint a much more serene picture: unthinkable 1
so im off to the camping store today to get sorted...wish us luck we have a few more weeks to get pumped up for it and pray for a crystal clear gorgeous sunrise!


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