Saturday, July 23, 2005

earthy feeling

saturday 4:35pm

holy fuckin shit
there i was happily playing dress ups and the apartment started to move in a very alarming way
my first reaction is frozen with fear my second reaction is always to piss bolt anywhere usually outside - despite advice not to!
so i bolt to the door, hearing other english voices also flying down from the upstairs apartments i feel relieved, then i look down and realise i am dressed in a brightly coloured kimono and green lace tabi socks - too shitting myself to care i fling the door open and scream 'oh my god' (really loudly now that i come to think of it) just as the upstairs neighbours whom i have never met, but one of which i now realise is the girl that oddly looked me head to toe in the street the other day (at which time i was NOT wearing a brightly coloured kimono and green lace tabi socks), rounded the stair well and were met with the site of me door wide open in my finest dress up clothes screaming the lords name in vain

things i have learnt from this afternoons earthquake:
- i feel better knowing there are lots of english speakers around me
- i also feel better that other foreigners are at home on the weekends sitting on their arses instead of out exploring this amazing city
- a cell phone will be useless in a big emergency...i called zume straight away and the friggin thing kept telling me to please wait and that lady with the cute voice kept telling me that the tokyo lines were busy - when we finally got through zume said the lady with the cute voice had also been telling him the same!
- i really should study alot harder , there are times when knowing more japanese and kanji would really come in handy
- there are times when a triple vodka and tabacco laced with valium would also be handy (gonna have to go with the triple vodka this time)

just watching the news now - was between 4 and 5 in places - real close to tokyo
epi centre in chiba
dont worry the precious shinkansen is ok but some other trains have stopped
some cool footage of tv studio shaking and the shibuya crossing looking pretty much unphased (sales are on - no time for earthquakes)...looks like a few unstable structures have come down
plan to go have that vod now to calm my nerves while i watch as the news pans across the same footage for the next 56 hours

mum im ok! hope you get to feel an earthquake when you are here! its bloody scary


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