Wednesday, July 20, 2005

away with the breeze

i've never been one to rave about fireworks, in fact back home i would often be heard ranting about how the local bussinesses and government spent way too much money on ridiculous pretty lights in the sky that simply drifted away with the breeze, when there were plenty of worthy causes starving for funds.

i had heard many times how the japanese put on a spectacular display in the night sky. not wanting to be beaten i took a japanese friend to an australia day fireworks display on the brisbane river, a few years back. i excitedly bought lil plastic aussie flags and waved them around after a go of extremely dodgey aussie style karaoke. i was proud to show off our pyrotechnical skills and waited anxiously jumping up and down to the bad, bad hot hits that were being pumped from the speakers of a brissie radio station (i do believe there was a bit of barnsie and farnsie). after kicking in the dust for a while the countdown was on and the pretty lights were soon to astound us.

after a short burst of action in the sky, a few embarassed side glances and a couple of is-that-it? that-cant-be-it's...i dumped the flags and was back on my friggin-waste-of-money band wagon. said friend went on to try and describe with all his might the glory of japanese hanabi.

check out these old pics
australia day joy 2003

the shame the let down  -pathetic australia day fireworks 2003

i am so ready to see what tokyo has to offer
here are just a few

Sumida River Fireworks Festival July 30
7:30-8:30pm (but some set up camp as early as 9am)
20,000 fireworks (whistle)
about 1 million apparantly go to check these babies out 
we plan to be there with them
Nearest stn: Asakusa or Kuramae.

Meijijingu-Gaien Fireworks Festival
Aug 1
10,000 fireworks
good viewing from the surrounding stadiums
we got tickets for just 1000 yen from lawson but you can pay up to 6000yen for good seats (man they must be good fireworks)
Nearest stn: Sobu Line, Sendagaya

Tokyo Bay/Harumi Pier Fireworks Festival
Aug 13

12,000 fire works
Nearest stn: Oedo Line, Kachiodoki.



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