Thursday, June 30, 2005

broken gaydar


as i was fossicking through the feathers beads and sequins this morning trying to find anything that would look devine when glued to an apron (dont ask), i heard the radio announcer in the background say that spain had just given the go ahead for same sex marriages. go spain! no big deal i thought...but what was a big deal was the fact that the guy went on to say that it was only the third nation in the world allowing this to happen. blow me away - maybe i'm just too innocent (dont know how many would agree with that adjective...maybe nieve? retarded? drifter?) but in my perfect little daydreamy world i just thought anyone could marry anyone. of course i know that in reality there are many conservsative/ religious beliefs that go against this and that there must be some places that do not allow same sex to marry, but i was really stunned to hear that accepting nations were a teeny tiny minority.

in a similar but kind of entirely different strand...i stayed at anna's for the weekend she has cable which allowed me to catch up on enough western world news, sitcom and reality tv to last the next year or so. the stand out program was a reality tv show called gay or not! sally sensible was plucked from here cosy neighbourhood and taken to a glamourous ranch called sizzling saddles (yes that was the real name) she was introduced to a fine selection of sizzling men and then low and behold they sprung in on her that in fact a good percentage of these steamy boys were gay. ah shock horror what ever would sally do, for she had already truly madly deeply fallen in love forever and ever with atleast 5 of them (and it was only the first night)
the aim of sally's game was to go on stacks of sappy dates and try to weed out the boy lovers. in true reality tv style she got to kick the men off the ranch one by one. the trick was - if she choose a straight boy to confess her love to in the end then they would share the million, but if she chose a gay boy then he got to leave sizzling saddles a rich boy.
it really was tough for poor old sal (not her real name, cant remember her name too busy sussing out the boys). there were tears, laughter and alot of days of our life stares and glances. it really was intense. it came down to three beauties that she had to chose from. anna and i were fixated to this frustrating piece of painful viewing. i had the pretty boy pegged as gay...for no good reason just a hunch. seems my gaydar is broken turns out he was straight and naturally he had fallen passionately in love with sal was definitely not on the reality 'game show' for the money oh no! anna was spot on with her predictions...but lucky for sal in the end, although it was tough and she could barely keep herself together, she confessed her love to a straight boy and whadda you know he was really in love with her too and they were going to share the money and stay together forever and ever and it was real true love! aaahhhhh
(makes me grateful for the fact that i can barely understand a word of japanese tv and also grateful that it is anna that has cable and not me - my brain would be mush in less than a week)


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