Saturday, June 25, 2005

baked beans are good for your heart...

Dsc08557the stores here are jam packed with weird, wonderful and usually delicious things...but there are just sometimes when i crave a home cooked meal - like baked beans on toast! took me a while to find them but i finally got a can on heinz baked beans. at 412 yen (yes thats almost 5 aussie dollars - crazy huh?) i was satisfied with just two cans. could barely wait to get in the door put the toast under the grill lash on some butter and slop on the beans...aaaaahhhh thats the taste i had been craving. of course zume thought it was one of the foulest things he had ever seen - its funny  he can munch on baby white slimey fish with big googley eyes looking up at him and not think anything of it but good ole beans on toast makes him squirm  ???


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