Sunday, April 17, 2005

let's happy jamping baby surprise


kept under wraps for a surprisingly long time, the surprise shower for anna and mr.d's beautiful bouncing baby boy was let out of the bag last night! (

thank you so much to all of their lovely friends who made it possible.


a huge thank you to the bearded man! the night was set in motion as the t-man left the apartment in full costume bound for shinjuku station...the busiest train station in the world, especially on a saturday night. hiding secret instructions in a station locker and fighting his way through the crowd and strange looks, he met anna and mr.d and set them on the next part of their journey.


arriving safe and sound and thankfully still clad in burberry blindfold (another japanese touch) anna and mr.d still had no idea where their chariot had taken them or what they were in for!?


met by all their crazy was time to eat, drink and make baby happy! we are all so excited for you anna and mr.d and hope that you had a fun time together with us last night! it won't be long now - next party we will be inviting the THREE of you!

take care we love you lots



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