Tuesday, March 22, 2005

spring has sprung


it is no secret that the weather can alter your state of mind and well being. i dont think i was the only one in high spirits yesterday, wandering through the 144 acre garden known as shinjuku gyoen. a public holiday in japan, for vernal equinox (Shunbun-no-hi - buddhist ans seasonal ceremony), the park was filled with frolicking families, cuddling couples and titilated tourists. the shinjuku skyscrapers loomed overhead as constant reminder that we were still 'in the city', but the surroundings provided a tranquil retreat. as my feet crunched on the pebble path and my eyes lit up with the site of spring, my ears where filled with the cackling of happy people - voices drifted through the spring air singing 'ureshii' (happy) 'kawaii' (pretty, cute) 'kirei' (beautiful)... i smiled as a beautiful grandmother and her adorable granddaughter skipped past chanting 'happy, happy, happy'. yep that warm sun and sweet breeze has been a long time coming. spring means blossums and in japan blossums mean hanami (thats a whole new story...)






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