Monday, March 21, 2005

let's get physical...i mean personal


ok i love tokyo, i really do and i know if i had to leave her right now i would be devastated - but i have to admit that my mind has begun to wander recently. maybe its the long, cold (for a sunny queenslander) winter, of which im sure i spent half in bed or coughing and spluttering my way through the day and night.

Dsc07546 but my recent daydreaming includes scantily clad healthy bods soaking up the rays as they pop the ball over the net on the sand of impanema.  i fill my ears and thoughts with sounds of bosa nova and brazilian samba as i ride the subway, drifting away to a space where i am practising hip shaking at frightening speeds readying myself for my debut at the sambodrome.  these fantasies are seriously worlds away from the life a live now and in reality years away. for now im just gonna have to stick to the daydreaming plumped up my my lonely planet guide, ipod, exotic fruit products from the convenience store.



ps am off to park to study japanese, nibble on onigiri and hope to get a sighting of some cherry blossums (probably a week or so too early) and try and appreciate the exotic wonder of this crazy city


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