Thursday, March 17, 2005

japanese jesus ??


this super cute super hero is adored by children throughout the whole of nippon.  anpanman is just like your regular friendly super hero, he likes to fly through the sky, tell the bad guys off and help the good guys. but anpanman's super power is a little different to other crusaders. he cannot leap tall buildings nor can he swing through the tokyo skyline...anpanman saves the sick and starving by offering them his head. yep, anpanman is a bread head, that cute lil noggen is a freshly baked cake filled with bean jam/paste (a sickly sweet red bean japanese treat) mmmmmm yum. he can often be heard saying "if you are starving, eat my face".

so what happens after someone has nibbled on his face?? his uncle jam bakes him a new one, of course.

check out how anpanman was born...i mean baked.



the cutest thing is his voice.

the japanese are so in love with this little cutie that some have even stopped to ponder....

Are the adventures of Anpanman an analogy of the mission of Jesus Christ?

(Answer from the Anpanland website)

No. While both Jesus Christ and Anpanman were immaculately conceived, and while both were born in humble locations beneath a bright and shining star, and while both live(d) selfless lives dedicated to relieving the distressed, and while both exhibit transubstantiation (whereby ordinary bread becomes, in fact, living flesh), and while both ascend into heaven, and while the images of both frequently and miraculously appear in tortillas, hubcaps and oil spots...the similarities end there.


i was so pleased to discover that i live right near and anpanman shop. filled with the most outstanding array of anpanman and friends goodies.

ps anpanman has a few really close friends: currypanman is one of anpanman's superhero friends.  anpanman's head is made of the sweet anpan-bread, currypanman's is made of the spicy curry bread.  shokupanman is anpanman's bestest friend. his head is a slice of white bread and he is the patron superman of school lunches. shokupanman's secret headquarters is deep inside of toaster mountain.




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