Monday, February 28, 2005


i can tell you right now, i am more than over this 'feeling sick all of the time' thing. it is seriously not suiting my lifestyle or personality. the ongoing flu has taken on a new dimension. what i thought was the beginnings of a hole in my tooth (a feeling i have never experienced before) has turned into something rather different. as the pain in my upper left molars/ cheek/ ear/ eye began to worsen and take over my every thought and deprive me of much needed sleep before hanging out with the preschoolers, i decided it was time to visit the local otolaryngologist or the crazy ear nose and throat guy; as he is fondly referred to by some of the others at work. at the point where i can hardly eat or speak due to the pain in my face, i dragged myself to the doc. i had heard that he was a little kooky, but that his english was good and he didnt charge so much; two uncommon factors in japanese doctors surgeries.


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