Wednesday, February 23, 2005

a sake a day keeps the doctor away


no this is not a recent bust by japanese customs nor have i become a pharmie to calm my nerves during train push-on time...this is how doctors in japan administer antibiotics. i have a theory that the mountain of drugs they give out are a placebo, it is the keeping track of what to take and when that snaps you back to health. 

luckily i have only had to visit a japanese doctor twice. the first time was an emotional  experience, during which a very cute pink and white dressed nurse tested me for influenza. just before shoving a long thin rod fair up my right nostril she did warn me 'chotto itai' (this is going to hurt a little). if you have ever had anything rammed up a nostril you will know that it is not a very comfortable feeling. all the activity in that region set off a chain reaction of loud screaming sneezes followed by tears streaming down my face coupled with laughter and disbelief. it turned out i didn't have influenza after all, but i was loaded up with a range of pharmaceuticals. i have tried to avoid the doctors surgery ever since, but recently found myself struck down by the yucky tokyo flu germs. i am almost at the end of my hectic drug taking schedule...japanese antibiotics really do keep you on your toes.


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