Saturday, January 08, 2005

what are YOU having for lunch?

in tokyo, the importance of stylish appearance and neat presentation is a powerful force.

so much so that even tasty morsels purchased from the local bakery are packaged just as exquisitely as an evening dress or designer piece.

designer bread

what's not so posh about this is the designer bread price, that you get used to paying. this little treat of sandwiches, a mini size half loaf and a small circle of flat bread cost 948 yen. Right now that's about $12 Australian and $9 US 

but who could resist these tiny, bite-size sandwiches? cute huh?

cute sandwich

in a strange and glorious twist...after paying an exorbitant utility bill at the local conbini, the cute girl that works there (and she really is cute - often wonder how one person could be so cheery selling sake, porn and cup noodles) handed me this free, full size (3 pieces) loaf of 'fine aroma' bread.
ain't life grand?

good smell


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