Saturday, January 22, 2005

tokyo underground

hurrying, scurrying here and there we rarely stop to think about the subterranean design of the city, what  lay underfoot. taking a ride on the toei subway, odeo line one can get the feeling that they are really down in the depths of the city, sometimes an eerie feeling (especially if you get into a conversation with Anna about the sarin gas attacks in the tokyo subway, while click clacking through the confined tunnels).

gwen stephanie sings about the underground malls of harajuku, commuters cram into the underground subway system of tokyo. but there is an underground far deeper than most imagine. far beneath the gucci heels on the footpath, the bon jovi hairstyles and the overworked commuters...there is a space that is rumoured to offer a sense of peace that is unique to the human ear and spirit.


no, this is not a scene from the latest sci-fi blockbuster, this is not a generated image of the future


this is the submerged world beneath the saitama prefecture and extends through the tokyo underground.


this is the g-cans project, a buried structure that works to avoid the city and suburbs going under, during flash flood season. the site is really worth a look. adds another mysterious element to the city.


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