Monday, January 10, 2005

private coffee

there was something about this cafe rich coffee that caught my eye!


while it's easy to make childish jokes about the downstairs department using the english language, i began to realise that i had no knowledge of the japanese terms used for the various parts of the male and female anatomy. it didn't take too much research to find out that there is basically one word, no slang for 'the parts'. it turns out that the 'parts' my tasty beverage may or mat not have included, are referred to as 'tama'. try as i might, i could not dig up any other japanese words, puns or jokes for this region.  but it seems that some of the town and city name givers of this country had only one thing on their mind when they were deciding what to call the various suburbs and stations...'filth, pure filth'. a place i once thought of as a fresh and luscious city now conjures up a very different thought - 'tama' center.  a popular stop along the nambu line is minami 'tama'... minami meaning south and tama meaning, amoung other things...well you know - those thingies. hhhhmmmm very fishy.  i could delve deeper...but might just leave it at that for now!


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