Sunday, January 23, 2005

lucky bra stuffing


Triumph International, are set to release a new kind of bra pad this week (January 27). the special bra pads will be known as "Triumph good luck Daruma pads." triumph has blessed these pads, for students who are now preparing for entrance exams and struggling to find a job.  once you wear these pads, you will feel stronger and may be able to get what you want. for the girl who really wants everything, or just some added power and luck, triumph is soon to release matching "good luck panties". the good luck daruma bra pads will be sold on the internet for a limited time, at the affordable price of 1890 yen (a small price to pay for good luck and feeling strong).

a symbol of good luck and protection in japan, a daruma doll is traditionally given to someone starting a new venture, celebrating a birthday, or at the beginning of a New Year. one eye is painted and a wish is made for good luck. the other eye is painted when the goal is reached or the wish comes true.

the daruma is based on an ancient Buddhist monk who, after nine years sitting meditating in a cave, lost the use of his arms and legs. (i don't know about you...but i'm not sure if i want a reminder of a poor, old cripple, stuffed into my bra?? get me feeling kinda weird??)




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