Wednesday, January 05, 2005

louis louis

to say that many japanese love brand names, would be a shocking and disrespectful understatement! brand obsession appears to be a firmly rooted social norm that spans most age groups, sub cultures and pay packets.

Dior - Omotesando

in a recent street survey, conducted by sushi zume's favourite off line magazine, tokyo graffiti - 100 young japanese women were photographed with their most used accessory - their purse. of the 100 women questioned, 81% showed off a brand name purse-louis vuitton, gucci, prada, dior etc... 100% of these women were aged 20 years or below. many of them stating their occupation as student or 'office lady'.

tokyo graffiti vol 1

it appears that young or old, rich or not so rich, everyone wants a piece of louis!

louis vuitton omotesando tokyo

** sushi zume strongly believes that this brand brainwash requires some serious unpacking! stay tuned to read about sushi taking it to the streets, asking "why? why? why?" and "how on earth do you afford one of those?"


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