Thursday, January 20, 2005

international relations

Psychologists and academics, the world over have long tried to analyse and explore the issues that arise when two people from opposite ends of the cultural spectrum, get together to create a loving bond.

I think you will agree, that it would be difficult to find a more succinct exploration than this one; written by a friend's student...

About my friend's husbands > >I met a friends other day. >Her husbands are the people from Turkey and Muslim. >SocMy friends is Buddhist. >She said " I got married him very happy!" >But , It was said that a meal and prayer were very serious. >Because, He can not eat pork and alcohol. >Therefore , neither she nor pork is eaten and alcohol can not be drunk either. >She loves pork and alcohol!! >Sometimes, she is drinking alcohol secretly to him. >Another is the Koran. She said "A meaning is not understood well". >I heard her talk and considered, Although it was also hard by the same Japanease to live together, >I thought , It is serious to marry the man of different country and relingion. Dsc04393


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