Sunday, January 09, 2005

almost a cafe

the tokyo cafe scene is a brimming, coffee drinkers playground. the ever increasing number of cafes are always crammed with studious customers, chain smokers and shoppers in need of a break.  the popular chains such as starbucks, tullys, doutor and excellsior, as well as the countless independant, chic cafes, offer caffeine hits ranging from 200 to 900 yen.  the sea of cafes are popular destinations and a cuppa is never more than a few minutes walk away.

on the coat tails of this city style, many hybrid cafes have surfaced. the city has seen a number of bookstores, internet services and music stores also taking on a cafe style. 

recently, sushi zume has noticed some 'try-hard' cafes popping up. this umbrella store's name asks shoppers to consider the possibilities, perhaps use their imagination a little. 'Like a cafe?' (isn't it? don't you think? kind of?) oh's like a cafe without coffee, cakes, seats or smokers.

like a cafe?

and as if there wasn't already enough freedom for smokers in this city, smoking-only cafes have been spotted. this cafe, ingeniously named 'smokers' style', gives nicotine lovers the added bonus of dining in a haze of luscious tabacco smoke, while sucking back their tasty durries.

smokers style


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